Becky's Island: Chicago (the GOOD PARTS Version)
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Becky's Reviews of Chicago Albums, CTA through 17
Plus A Few Extras


Chicago Album Review Introduction

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Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago II

Chicago III

Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall

Chicago V

Chicago VI

Chicago VII

Chicago VIII

Chicago IX (Chicago's Greatest Hits)

Chicago X

Chicago XI

Hot Streets

Chicago 13

Chicago XIV

Chicago XV (Chicago's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2)

Chicago 16

Chicago 17


Chicago Live in Japan

Chicago's Greatest Hits, 1982-89

Group Portrait Box Set

The Innovative Guitar of Terry Kath

The Heart of Chicago, Vols. 1 and 2

The Very Best of Chicago: Only The Beginning

Rhino Extra Tracks

Chicago Box

Peter Cetera (1981 Solo Album)

Robert Lamm: Skinny Boy

Robert Lamm: Life Is Good in My Neighborhood

Robert Lamm: In  My Head

Robert Lamm: Subtlety and Passion

Electra Glide in Blue Movie Review

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