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Becky's Reviews of Chicago Albums, CTA through 17

Release Date: 1975
Cover Design: Band Members on Scaffold, Painting Logo, Getting Harassed by Police (Again)
Proves Cover Theory?: No!
Becky Rating: IX out of X

Note: The 2002 release of The Very Best of Chicago: Only The Beginning effectively renders this CD obsolete. VBO is a two-CD comprehensive set of all Chicago's major hits, covering the band's entire career. Every song on IX is also included on VBO. This review is presented for historical purposes only.

I have IX. You have IX. Your brother has IX. Your next door neighbor has IX. Everybody has IX. Everybody likes IX. There's not a single reason not to like IX.

With IX, we have now reached the point in time where I can remember these albums coming out in the stores, and the singles being played on the radio. This was the first Chicago album I ever owned, receiving it for Christmas, and it, along with the Eagles and Elton John greatest hits albums and my KC and the Sunshine Band 45s, were played constantly at my house in the mid-70s.


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