Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #25 - 8/15/01



1. Chicago was formed by music students at what Chicago-area university?: DePaul University
2. What was the band originally named after?
: The Chicago Transit Authority, which is the local train and bus system here in Chicago
3. In what year was Chicago's debut album released?
: 1969
4. What was unusual about the first three Chicago albums?
: They were all double albums, unprecedented at the time from a new group.
5. Which Chicago album features the band's logo sewn into an American flag?
: Chicago III
6. In 1971, Chicago became the first rock group to sell out a week at what famous New York performance venue?
: Carnegie Hall
7. Who was the keyboard player and political activist of the band?
Robert Lamm
8. And who was their original drummer?
: Danny Seraphine
9. What was Chicago's first album to hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts?
: Chicago VI
10. And what was their first Number 1 single?
:"If You Leave Me Now," from Chicago X
11.What group did Chicago tour with in the summer of 1975?
: The Beach Boys
12. Laudir de Oliveira was the band's percussionist from album VII through 13. What country was he from?
: Brazil
13. Which band member was killed in an accidental shooting in 1978?
:Guitarist, songwriter, and singer Terry Kath
14. After that accident, Chicago released an album with a name, not a number. What was that album's name?
: Hot Streets
15. Bill Champlin joined Chicago in 1982. What was the self-referential name of his '60s group?
: Sons of Champlin
16. What was Chicago's biggest selling album ever in the United States?
: Chicago 17
17. Who left the band for a successful solo career in 1985? His first hit was "Glory of Love."
: Singer and bass player Peter Cetera

Bonus: In 1972, Chicago's producer directed a movie called "Electra Glide in Blue." Several band members played hippies in the movie. What recently-in-the-news actor was the star of the movie?: Robert Blake

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