Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #25 - 8/15/01


Hey now everybody, please don't romp or roam. Here's a quiz dedicated to one of our Becky's Island artists, Chicago, one of the longest running acts in the business today. Even though I know a lot about Chicago, or maybe BECAUSE I know a lot about Chicago, this quiz was a challenge to write. I hope the folks from the infamous Chirecords board will enjoy it - and please, no fighting or I'll have to go call the Policeman or summon up the spirit of Harry Truman.

1. Chicago was formed by music students at what Chicago-area university?
2. What was the band originally named after?
3. In what year was Chicago's debut album released?
4. What was unusual about the first three Chicago albums?
5. Which Chicago album features the band's logo sewn into an American flag?
6. In 1971, Chicago became the first rock group to sell out a week at what famous New York performance venue?
7. Who was the keyboard player and political activist of the band?
8. And who was their original drummer?
9. What was Chicago's first album to hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts?
10. And what was their first Number 1 single?
11.What group did Chicago tour with in the summer of 1975?
12. Laudir de Oliveira was the band's percussionist from album VII through 13. What country was he from?
13. Which band member was killed in an accidental shooting in 1978?
14. After that accident, Chicago released an album with a name, not a number. What was that album's name?
15. Bill Champlin joined Chicago in 1982. What was the self-referential name of his '60s group?
16. What was Chicago's biggest selling album ever in the United States?
17. Who left the band for a successful solo career in 1985? His first hit was "Glory of Love."

Bonus: In 1972, Chicago's producer directed a movie called "Electra Glide in Blue." Several band members played hippies in the movie. What recently-in-the-news actor was the star of the movie?

Good Luck!!!

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