Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #135 - 9/24/03

Rolling Stones People

September 2003 is Rolling Stones Month here at Becky's Island Music Trivia, in honor of the 60th birthdays of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards this year. This week, let's make a guest list for their party by identifying these people named in Rolling Stones songs. The number of X's designates the number of words in the name. Note: Some of the "names" are more like descriptions - they didn't use as many characters as the Beatles or the Grateful Dead did.

1. "Goodbye, XX, who could hang a name on you?"
2. "Cause sleepy London town there's just no place for a XXX"
3. "Well, I am just a XX, I'm glad you are a monkey woman too"
4. "But come on come on down XX, come on honey child I beg of you"
5. "Did you hear about the XX, everybody got to go
6. "Til somebody gonna come up and ask her to live happily ever after, XXX"
7. "I was around when XX had his moments of doubt and pain"
8. "Made damn sure that X, washed his hands to seal his fate"
9. "Like a sunset going down, have you seen the XX"
10. "Tell me if she laughs or cries, blow away X"
11. "X movies, close up boogies"
12. "XXX, it's a gas gas gas"
13. "I was standing in line with XX, and man, did he look pretty ill"
14. "Can't you see, XX, I'm trying to score"
15. "My sweet XX, when I see you again, your servant am I and will humbly remain"
16. "Dancin', Lord, keep your hand off me, dancin' with XX"
17. "X, X, when will those clouds all disappear"

Bonus: "Hey, what am I doing standing here on the corner of West 8th Street and 6th Avenue and...Ah, skip it. Nothing. X! Watcha, watcha doing?"

Good Luck!!!

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