Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #128 - 8/6/03

Grateful Dead People

More than almost any other band, the Grateful Dead populated its songs with a long roster of interesting characters. From the Wharf Rat to Charlie Chan to the nameless girl with scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, see if you can remember the names of all these Deadhead people. We miss you, Jerry!

1. "Come here XX's band, by the riverside"
2. "XX how do you do, truckin' in style along the avenue"
3. "I got no dime, but I got some time to hear his story. My name is XX"
4. "Just like XX in a shotgun ragtime band"
5. "I say row X row, gonna get there, I don't know"
6. "The first one's named sweet XX and she's my heart's delight"
7. "I told X I was feeling lost, lacking in some direction"
8. "Shake it, shake it, X, just don't tell them that you know me"
9. "Drivin' that train, high on cocaine, XX you better watch your speed"
10. "XX with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes"
11. "Shake the hand that shook the hand of XXX"
12. "I tell you where the four winds dwell, in X's Tower there hangs a bell"
13. "I can't stay much longer X, the sun is getting high"
14. "Red and white, blue suede shoes, I'm XX, how do you do?"
15. "That's why if you please, I am on my bended knees, X don't you come around here any more"
16. "My dog he turned to me and said, let's head back to Tennessee, X"
17. "Speaks his name though you were born to me, born to me, X"

Bonus: "The bus came by, and I got on, that's where it all began, it was XX at the wheel of the bus to never ever land"

Good Luck!!!

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