Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #622 - 1/30/13

Schoolhouse Rock


1. Conjunction Junction, what's your function?: Hooking up words and phrases and clauses
2. What happened when we took an early ferry to the Statue of Liberty?
: In the middle of summer it started to snow
3. What is a magic number?
: Three
4. Where will we ultimately find more Elbow Room?
: Up on the moon
5. And the shot heard around the world, was what?
: The start of the Revolution
6. Which number is naughty, nasty, and mean?
: Nine
7. What do they sell at Lolly's?
: Adverbs
8. If you skate, you would be great, if you could do what?
: Make a figure eight
9. How did King George III respond to "taxation without representation?"
: "I don't care!"
10. What did Franklin do when he found he had the ball?
: He made a connection in the other direction
11. What countries did the Great American Melting Pot singer's grandparents come from?
: Russia and Italy
12. What was the name of the spaceman who taught us about base 12 multiplication?
: Little Twelvetoes
13. What section of the Constitution was set to music, very memorably for 70s schoolchildren?
: The Preamble
14. What three 60s artists were playing on the drugstore record machine?
: The Beatles, the Monkees, and Chubby Checker
15. Here comes a small herd of what, and a baby, because ten times 4 you know is 40?
: Buffalo
16. What kind of pet did Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla find?
: A kangaroo
17. Did the Bill get passed?
: "He signed you, Bill! Now you're a law!"

Bonus: What was the subject of the Bill?: "School bus must stop at railroad crossing."

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