Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #606 - 10/3/12

One Song - I Am The Walrus

1. See how they run like what?
2. What am I doing while waiting for the van to come?
3. What day is it?
4. Besides the walrus, what am I (and they)?
5. What are in a row?
6. See how they fly like who?
7. Where is the yellow matter custard dripping from?
8. Boy, why have you been a naughty girl?
9. Where am I sitting waiting for the sun?
10. Who laughs at the expert texture choking smokers?
11. Where is Semolina Pilchard climbing?
12. What kind of bird is singing?
13. What is it singing?
14. Man, you should have seen them kicking who?
15. Regardless of the credits, who actually wrote the song?
16. What television film did it appear in?
17. What literary work inspired the title?

Bonus: The end of the song includes a random broadcast of what Shakespeare play?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #606 Answers

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