Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #601 - 8/29/12

One Song: Penny Lane

1. Who is the first person mentioned in the song?
2. And what is he doing?
3. Who is on the corner?
4. Who laughs at him behind his back?
5. What does he never do when it rains?
6. Where is the song's narrator now?
7. What does the fireman have?
8. Whose portrait is in his pocket?
9. What instrument features in the solo in the middle of the song?
10. When did the narrator partake of fish and finger pies?
11. Where is the shelter?
12. Who is behind the shelter?
13. And what is she doing?
14. And though she feels as if she's in a play...
15. Who is waiting for a trim?
16. Who comes in to the shop?
17. In what city is Penny Lane located?

Bonus: What did David Mason do on the record?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #601 Answers

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