Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #600 - 8/22/12

Music and Fashion

Musicians have been long known for their iconic fashion statements. Can you guess who, if they were appearing on Project Runway, would wear the following?

1. Bob Mackie beaded dresses, Native American headdresses, feathers, lots of feathers
2. Sparkly shirts, pants that stopped above the ankles, white socks, one white sparkly glove
3. Every possible design of glasses you could possibly think of, a Donald Duck suit, a Mozart costume, giant boots
4. An all-white suit, an all-denim suit, a black suit with a white shirt, a dark grey suit with no shoes
5. Hair bows, headbands, cross earrings and necklace, rubber bracelets, lace gloves
6. Kangol caps, sweatsuits, Adidas
7. Black. Just, black.
8. Mini-dresses, fishnet stockings, high heels, spiky wig
9. A black XXL T-shirt and shorts
10. "Choose Life" sweatshirt and very short shorts
11. Plaid flannel long-sleeve shirt over a T-shirt, shorts almost to the knee
12. Thrift-shop dresses, orange hair shaved short on one side, tons of junk jewelry
13. Schoolboy blazer, shorts, and cap
14. Very short, very blond hair, striped shirts, sunglasses
15. Plaid, plaid, and more plaid; long pants slightly too short at the bottom
16. Slicked-back Duck's Ass hair, gold or black jackets atop tight pants
17. White face makeup, leather, huge platform boots

Bonus: Short dresses or tight pants, hair piled atop the head

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #600 Answers

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