Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #587 - 5/23/12

Tribute To Don Cornelius


1. Don Cornelius was originally from what city?: Chicago
2. In what year did Soul Train first air nationally?
: 1971
3. This group, famous for "Want Ads," was the first group to guest on Soul Train.
: The Honey Cone
4. The first Soul Train theme, "Hot Potato," was performed by what saxophonist?
: King Curtis
5. The theme we all associate with Soul Train, "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia," was originally performed by what group?
: MFSB with the Three Degrees
6. Soul Train welcomed special non-performing guests in its second season. What Celtics legend was the special guest on September 30, 1972? (There's a hint at the beginning of the question.)
: Bill Russell
7. Hawt saw eth mena fo eth dorw mage eftarue no Luos Rinat?
: The Soul Train Scramble Board
8. His "Fame" found this British singer on Soul Train on January 3, 1976?
: David Bowie
9. What interracial band, a favorite here on the Island, made their Soul Train debut on November 27, 1976?
: KC and the Sunshine Band
10. This rapper got "The Breaks" when he became the first hip-hop performer on Soul Train on September 27, 1980.
: Kurtis Blow
11. Did Madonna ever appear on Soul Train?
: No
12. Soul Train began special "salute" episodes in 1981 with a tribute to this "Super Freak."
: Rick James
13. What band, made up of Soul Train dancers, had several big hits in the 70s and 80s including "The Second Time Around" and "Dancing In The Sheets?"
: Shalamar
14. And who was the female singer from that band who was "Looking For A New Love" in 1987?
: Jody Watley
15. On what 90s comedy did the lead character's uncle propose to his aunt on Soul Train?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
16. In what year did Don Cornelius retire from Soul Train?
: 1993
17. What three words did Don Cornelius always sign off from Soul Train with?
: Love, Peace, and Soul!

Bonus: Soul Train changed its theme in 1983 to "Soul Train's a Comin'" - by who?: O'Bryan

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