Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #587 - 5/23/12

Tribute To Don Cornelius

The music world recently lost two iconic TV hosts, both with the same initials, who brought the great music of the 70s and 80s into our homes. They helped us learn how to dance in the process! Here's a tribute to Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train.

1. Don Cornelius was originally from what city?
2. In what year did Soul Train first air nationally?
3. This group, famous for "Want Ads," was the first group to guest on Soul Train.
4. The first Soul Train theme, "Hot Potato," was performed by what saxophonist?
5. The theme we all associate with Soul Train, "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia," was originally performed by what group?
6. Soul Train welcomed special non-performing guests in its second season. What Celtics legend was the special guest on September 30, 1972? (There's a hint at the beginning of the question.)
7. Hawt saw eth mena fo eth dorw mage eftarue no Luos Rinat?
8. His "Fame" found this British singer on Soul Train on January 3, 1976?
9. What interracial band, a favorite here on the Island, made their Soul Train debut on November 27, 1976?
10. This rapper got "The Breaks" when he became the first hip-hop performer on Soul Train on September 27, 1980.
11. Did Madonna ever appear on Soul Train?
12. Soul Train began special "salute" episodes in 1981 with a tribute to this "Super Freak."
13. What band, made up of Soul Train dancers, had several big hits in the 70s and 80s including "The Second Time Around" and "Dancing In The Sheets?"
14. And who was the female singer from that band who was "Looking For A New Love" in 1987?
15. On what 90s comedy did the lead character's uncle propose to his aunt on Soul Train?
16. In what year did Don Cornelius retire from Soul Train?
17. What three words did Don Cornelius always sign off from Soul Train with?

Bonus: Soul Train changed its theme in 1983 to "Soul Train's a Comin'" - by who?

Good Luck!!!

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