Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #581 - 4/14/12

A Few More Words From 1989


1. talking, permission, decisions, crazy, nasty: "My Prerogative," Bobby Brown
2. games, money, honey, disease, knees
: "Welcome To The Jungle," Guns 'n' Roses
3. reason, always, believing, just, mind
: "Two Hearts," Phil Collins
4. beg, mercy, torture, living, hell
: "My Heart Can't Tell You No," Rod Stewart
5. talk, missing, everlasting, arrived, door
: "The Lover In Me," Sheena Easton
6. silently, night, dawn, cowboy, sad
: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Poison
7. color, eyes, long, magic, cross
: "So Alive," Love and Rockets
8. tired, broken, destiny, Romeo, underestimate
: "Cherish," Madonna
9. called, new, happy, see, walking
: "Look Away," Chicago
10. common, squeaky, democracy, egg, possible
: "Sowing The Seeds Of Love," Tears for Fears
11. hammer, juvenile, scam, quitter, blue
: "The Look," Roxette
12. rebel, restless, deeper, thief, fight
: "Soldier of Love," Donny Osmond
13. spirits, soar, wind, glance, romance
: "Lost In Your Eyes," Debbie Gibson
14. getting, gimme, jangle, jewels, bedroom
: "Armageddon It," Def Leppard
15. rainy, worked, dreams, pride, made
: "Born To Be My Baby," Bon Jovi
16. grass, green, home, gamble, far
: "Paradise City," Guns 'n' Roses
17. mind, waiting, else, myself, obsessed
: "She Drives Me Crazy," Fine Young Cannibals

Bonus: chance, kids, trance, funky, fat: "Hangin' Tough," New Kids On The Block

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