Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #581 - 4/14/12

A Few More Words From 1989

1. talking, permission, decisions, crazy, nasty
2. games, money, honey, disease, knees
3. reason, always, believing, just, mind
4. beg, mercy, torture, living, hell
5. talk, missing, everlasting, arrived, door
6. silently, night, dawn, cowboy, sad
7. color, eyes, long, magic, cross
8. tired, broken, destiny, Romeo, underestimate
9. called, new, happy, see, walking
10. common, squeaky, democracy, egg, possible
11. hammer, juvenile, scam, quitter, blue
12. rebel, restless, deeper, thief, fight
13. spirits, soar, wind, glance, romance
14. getting, gimme, jangle, jewels, bedroom
15. rainy, worked, dreams, pride, made
16. grass, green, home, gamble, far
17. mind, waiting, else, myself, obsessed

Bonus: chance, kids, trance, funky, fat

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #581 Answers

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