Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #569 - 1/18/12

1972: 40-Year Birthdays


1. This "Smooth" singer turns Twenty times two on February 14: Rob Thomas
2. Wish this lead singer of Green Day a happy 40th Green Birthday on February 17.
: Billie Joe Armstrong
3. His siblings Ziggy, Cedella, Damian, Ky-Mani, and Sharon will probably be invited to this Melody Maker's 40th birthday party on April 20.
: Stephen Marley
4. It's another member of Green Day turning 40 this year, on May 4 - this time it's the bassist. Who is he?
: Mike Dirnt
5. I saw "The Sign" wishing this Ace of Base singer a happy 40th on May 19.
: Jenny Berggren
6. You can "Pass The Courvoisier" at this rapper's 40th birthday on May 20.
: Busta Rhymes
7. Had he lived, this notorious rapper would have celebrated his 40th birthday on May 21 this year.
: The Notorious B.I.G.
8. I wonder if this red-haired Spice Girl will have a spice cake for her 40th birthday on August 6?
: Geri Halliwell
9. This Dixie Chick was born on August 16, 1972, in the unlikely location of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
: Emily Robison
10. His brother Noel will probably NOT be invited to this Oasis singer's 40th birthday party on September 21.
: Liam Gallagher
11. His ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson will probably NOT be invited to this rapper and producer's 40th birthday party on September 23.
: Jermaine Dupri
12. This Haitian musician and politician celebrates his 40th birthday on October 7.
: Wyclef Jean
13. This Detroit-area rapper and movie actor also celebrates his 40th birthday on October 7.
: Eminem
14. Bring some of The Chronic to this Long Beach rapper, actor, and producer's 40th birth-dizzle on October 20.
: Snoop Dogg
15. October 28: "This Is Country Music'"s 2008 Male Vocalist of the Year's 40th birthday. (And why hasn't he collaborated with Prince yet?)
: Brad Paisley
16. All three members of Green Day were born in 1972 and turn 40 this year. The drummer has his birthday on December 9 - who is he?
: Tre Cool
17. He was the New-est Kid on the Block in Needham, Massachusetts, when he was born on December 31, 1972.
: Joey McIntyre

Bonus: March 6 is the 40th birthday of this basketball player and rapper - who is he?: Shaquille O'Neal

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