Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #569 - 1/18/12

1972: 40-Year Birthdays

1. This "Smooth" singer turns Twenty times two on February 14
2. Wish this lead singer of Green Day a happy 40th Green Birthday on February 17.
3. His siblings Ziggy, Cedella, Damian, Ky-Mani, and Sharon will probably be invited to this Melody Maker's 40th birthday party on April 20.
4. It's another member of Green Day turning 40 this year, on May 4 - this time it's the bassist. Who is he?
5. I saw "The Sign" wishing this Ace of Base singer a happy 40th on May 19.
6. You can "Pass The Courvoisier" at this rapper's 40th birthday on May 20.
7. Had he lived, this notorious rapper would have celebrated his 40th birthday on May 21 this year.
8. I wonder if this red-haired Spice Girl will have a spice cake for her 40th birthday on August 6?
9. This Dixie Chick was born on August 16, 1972, in the unlikely location of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
10. His brother Noel will probably NOT be invited to this Oasis singer's 40th birthday party on September 21.
11. His ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson will probably NOT be invited to this rapper and producer's 40th birthday party on September 23.
12. This Haitian musician and politician celebrates his 40th birthday on October 7.
13. This Detroit-area rapper and movie actor also celebrates his 40th birthday on October 7.
14. Bring some of The Chronic to this Long Beach rapper, actor, and producer's 40th birth-dizzle on October 20.
15. October 28: "This Is Country Music'"s 2008 Male Vocalist of the Year's 40th birthday. (And why hasn't he collaborated with Prince yet?)
16. All three members of Green Day were born in 1972 and turn 40 this year. The drummer has his birthday on December 9 - who is he?
17. He was the New-est Kid on the Block in Needham, Massachusetts, when he was born on December 31, 1972.

Bonus: March 6 is the 40th birthday of this basketball player and rapper - who is he?

Good Luck!!!

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