Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #568 - 1/11/12

1962: 50-Year Birthdays


1. "You're Gonna Miss This" country singer's 50th birthday if you don't wish him Happy Birthday on January 13.: Trace Adkins
2. This Guns 'N' Roses singer will have an appetite for birthday cake on February 6.
: Axl Rose
3. Will he invite his "Friends in Low Places" to his birthday party on February 7?
: Garth Brooks
4. "If It Makes You Happy," wish this singer/guitarist a Happy Birthday on February 11.
: Sheryl Crow
5. 50 candles will provide a "Blaze Of Glory" for this singer/band namesake on March 2.
: Jon Bon Jovi
6. You could walk 500 miles, and you could walk 500 more, to wish this duo (twin brothers) a Happy 50th on March 5.
: The Proclaimers (Craig and Charlie Reid)
7. This rapper won't be "Too Legit to Quit" partying on his 50th birthday on March 30.
: MC Hammer
8. Born Jeffrey Isbell in Lafayette, Indiana on April 8, 1962, what name did he use as a guitarist for Guns 'N' Roses?
: Izzy Stradlin
9. He might invite his former band members in The Cult or in The Doors of the 21st Century to his 50th birthday on May 14.
: Ian Astbury
10. He'll wear his "Sunglasses At Night" on the evening of his 50th birthday on May 31.
: Corey Hart
11. Fellow American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson will probably "Rush Rush" to her 50th birthday party on June 19.
: Paula Abdul
12. What if God was "One Of Us" celebrating her 50th birthday on July 8?
: Joan Osborne
13. Motley Crue's drummer (and a sex tape star) will have lots of "Girls, Girls, Girls" at his 50th birthday on October 3.
: Tommy Lee
14. Three of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are turning 50 this year; the first, the bass player, will celebrate on October 16. What name does he use professionally?
: Flea
15. And then their drummer has his 50th on October 25 - who is he?
: Chad Smith
16. And then, their lead singer turns 50 on November 1 - who is he?
: Anthony Kiedis
17. You'd be "Unforgiven" if you forgot the 50th birthday of this lead guitarist of Metallica on November 18.
: Kirk Hammett

Bonus: He now calls himself Sananda Francesco Maitreya, but what was this "Wishing Well" singer, turning 50 on March 15, known as during his hitmaking days?: Terence Trent D'Arby

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