Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #563 - 12/7/11

Billboard 200 Number One Albums, 1985-89


1. This became Madonna's first Number One album in February 1985.: Like A Virgin
2. What Phil Collins album spent seven non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1985?
: No Jacket Required
3. It was a weird, almost psychedelic album for Prince and the Revolution, but it still went to Number One for three weeks in June 1985.
: Around The World In A Day
4. Brothers in Arms was atop the charts for nine weeks in 1985 for what British band?
: Dire Straits
5. This new singer's self-titled debut spent fourteen weeks at Number One in 1986.
: Whitney Houston
6. Speaking of new singers, Van Halen's 5150, a Number One in April and May 1986, featured what new singer for that band?
: Sammy Hagar
7. The soundtrack to what Tom Cruise movie spent five non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1986?
: Top Gun
8. They had a surprise Number One for all of November 1986 with Third Stage.
: Boston
9. Licensed to Ill, by this trio, was the first hip-hop album to go to Number One, in 1987.
: Beastie Boys
10. What was U2's first album to go to Number One? It reached that spot in the spring of 1987.
: The Joshua Tree
11. He's baaack! How many weeks did Bad spend at Number One for Michael Jackson in 1987?
: Six
12. This first solo album by George Michael spent twelve non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1988.
: Faith
13. The pride of New Jersey took that album to Number One for four weeks in late 1988, and no, it wasn't Bruce Springsteen.:
Bon Jovi
14. He asked us Don't Be Cruel with his six-week Number One album in 1989, and no, it wasn't Elvis.
: Bobby Brown
15. Prince did it yet again with a Number One soundtrack to what movie in 1989?
: Batman
16. Complete the title of this four-week Number One album from 1989: Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation...
: 1814
17. This album would spend seven non-consecutive weeks at Number One in late 1989 - never mind that the two guys on the cover didn't even sing on it.
: Girl You Know It's True by Milli Vanilli

Bonus: Hysteria hit the top for six weeks in 1988 for Def Leppard. What happened to that band's drummer prior to the recording of the album?: He lost an arm in a car accident

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