Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #563 - 12/7/11

Billboard 200 Number One Albums, 1985-89

1. This became Madonna's first Number One album in February 1985.
2. What Phil Collins album spent seven non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1985?
3. It was a weird, almost psychedelic album for Prince and the Revolution, but it still went to Number One for three weeks in June 1985.
4. Brothers in Arms was atop the charts for nine weeks in 1985 for what British band?
5. This new singer's self-titled debut spent fourteen weeks at Number One in 1986.
6. Speaking of new singers, Van Halen's 5150, a Number One in April and May 1986, featured what new singer for that band?
7. The soundtrack to what Tom Cruise movie spent five non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1986?
8. They had a surprise Number One for all of November 1986 with Third Stage.
9. Licensed to Ill, by this trio, was the first hip-hop album to go to Number One, in 1987.
10. What was U2's first album to go to Number One? It reached that spot in the spring of 1987.
11. He's baaack! How many weeks did Bad spend at Number One for Michael Jackson in 1987?
12. This first solo album by George Michael spent twelve non-consecutive weeks at Number One in 1988.
13. The pride of New Jersey took that album to Number One for four weeks in late 1988, and no, it wasn't Bruce Springsteen.
14. He asked us Don't Be Cruel with his six-week Number One album in 1989, and no, it wasn't Elvis.
15. Prince did it yet again with a Number One soundtrack to what movie in 1989?
16. Complete the title of this four-week Number One album from 1989: Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation...
17. This album would spend seven non-consecutive weeks at Number One in late 1989 - never mind that the two guys on the cover didn't even sing on it.

Bonus: Hysteria hit the top for six weeks in 1988 for Def Leppard. What happened to that band's drummer prior to the recording of the album?

Good Luck!!!

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