Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #557 - 10/26/11

One Song: Thriller

1. What time is it?
2. What's lurking in the dark?
3. What happens when you try to scream?
4. What looks you right between the eyes?
5. No one's gonna save you from what?
6. You hear what and realize there's nowhere left to run?
7. You feel what and wonder if you'll ever see the sun?
8. There ain't no second chance against what?
9. There's no escaping what?
10. They will possess you, unless what?
11. I can thrill you more than what?
12. What falls across the land?
13. Where are the creatures terrorizing?
14. What will happen to those without the soul for getting down?
15. The funk of how long?
16. Who is closing in to seal your doom?
17. What can no mere mortal resist?

Bonus: Who recites the verses in questions 12-17?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #557 Answers

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