Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #551 - 7/20/11

One Song: We Didn't Start The Fire

Yeah, I know, I hate this song, too. But it does provide a lot of lyrics for a "One Song" quiz.

1. What President is mentioned first in the song?
2. What country is mentioned first in the song?
3. Of Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, or Yogi Berra, who is not mentioned in the song?
4. This car, made in South Bend, Indiana, is mentioned in the first verse.
5. Of Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, or Sonny Liston, which boxer is not mentioned in the song?
6. What philosopher's death is mentioned?
7. Who succeeded Joseph Stalin in life and in the song?
8. What artificial fabric is mentioned?
9. What city's got a winning team?
10. Trouble in the Suez took place in what country?
11. What birth-defect causing drug is mentioned in the song?
12. No, Bono's not in the song, but these two letters are mentioned (they're actually a designation of a spy plane).
13. What Alfred Hitchcock movie is mentioned?
14. With what event does he stop the year-by-year recollection of events?
15. What two 1969 events are mentioned?
16. Where do the Russians go?
17. What advertising campaign finally ends the song?

Bonus: Who are the only two people mentioned twice in the song?

Good Luck!!!

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