Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #550 - 9/7/11

One Song: Hotel California

1. What is he driving on?
2. What smell is rising up in the air?
3. Why did he have to stop for the night?
4. What did he hear as she stood in the doorway?
5. What was he thinking to himself?
6. How does he describe her mind?
7. Where was the dance?
8. What did he order from the captain?
9. When was the last time they had that spirit here?
10. What is on the ceiling?
11. What is on ice?
12. Why are we all just prisoners here?
13. Where do they gather for the feast?
14. What kind of knives do they have?
15. And are they effective?
16. What is the last thing he remembers doing?
17. Who told him, "Relax, we are programmed to receive?"

Bonus: What is the name of the building on the front of the Hotel California album?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #550 Answers

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