Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #549 - 8/31/11

One Song: A Day In The Life

1. What album does the song appear on?
2. Who sings the beginning and ending sections?
3. Who was the news about in the first verse?
4. Even though the news was rather sad, what was the reader's reaction?
5. What happened in the second verse?
6. What was nobody sure of?
7. What happened in the film?
8.Why did he just have to look?
9. Who sings the middle section?
10. What does he do after waking up and falling out of bed?
11. Looking up, what did he notice?
12. What articles of clothing did he grab?
13. What did he do upstairs?
14. Where are there four thousand holes?
15. Now they know how many holes it takes to fill what?
16. What would the singer love to do?
17.What happens a few seconds after the song ends?

Bonus: What three parts did Mal Evans play in the song?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #549 Answers

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