Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #547 - 8/17/11

One Song: American Pie


1. Who wrote, and sang, the song?: Don McLean
2. In what year did the song spend four weeks at Number One in the United States?
: 1972
3. What was the singer's job at the beginning of the song?
: Delivering papers
4. What was "The Day the Music Died?"
: The day Buddy Holly and two other musicians died in a plane crash
5. What kind of car is referred to in the chorus
: Chevy
6. What kind of flower did he have?
: A pink carnation
7. Now for how many years have we been on our own?
: Ten
8. Who did the Jester borrow his coat from?
: James Dean
9. What happened while the King was looking down?
: The jester stole his thorny crown
10. Who flew off with a fallout shelter?
: The Byrds
11. What happened when the players tried to take the field?
: The marching band refused to yield
12. Where was the generation lost?
: In space
13. Why did Jack Flash sit on a candlestick?
: Fire is the devil's only friend
14. What was Satan doing?
: Laughing with delight
15. Why was not a word spoken?
: The church bells all were broken
16. What did the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost do?
: They caught the last train for the coast
17. Who had a hit with a dance version of the song in 2000?
: Madonna

Bonus: What movie did Weird Al Yankovic parody using the tune of "American Pie?": Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Good Luck!!!

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