Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #547 - 8/17/11

One Song: American Pie

1. Who wrote, and sang, the song?
2. In what year did the song spend four weeks at Number One in the United States?
3. What was the singer's job at the beginning of the song?
4. What was "The Day the Music Died?"
5. What kind of car is referred to in the chorus
6. What kind of flower did he have?
7. Now for how many years have we been on our own?
8. Who did the Jester borrow his coat from?
9. What happened while the King was looking down?
10. Who flew off with a fallout shelter?
11. What happened when the players tried to take the field?
12. Where was the generation lost?
13. Why did Jack Flash sit on a candlestick?
14. What was Satan doing?
15. Why was not a word spoken?
16. What did the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost do?
17. Who had a hit with a dance version of the song in 2000?

Bonus: What movie did Weird Al Yankovic parody using the tune of "American Pie?"

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #547 Answers

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