Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #510 - 12/1/10

UK Number Ones, 1960-61


1. When 1960 began, the Number One song was "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For" by who?: Emile Ford and the Checkmates
2. This Johnny Preston story song about Native Americans was Number One for two weeks in March 1960.
: "Running Bear"
3. What profession was Lonnie Donegan's "old man?"
: A dustman
4. "Cathy's Clown" was Number One for seven weeks. Who sang it?
: The Everly Brothers
5. "Three Steps to Heaven" was a posthumous Number One hit for what American singer in June 1960?
: Eddie Cochran
6. Most Americans know "Shakin' All Over" as a Guess Who song, but this English group had a Number One hit with it in August 1960.
: Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
7. Likewise, most Americans know "Tell Laura I Love Her" in the Ray Peterson version, but who had the UK Number One in September 1960?
: Ricky Valance
8. Elvis Presley's "It's Now or Never," a Number One in the US and the UK, was based on this Italian standard.
: "O Sole Mio"
9. This Elvis standard, which included a spoken-word verse referencing Shakespeare, was a Number One hit in January 1961.
: "Are You Lonesome Tonight"
10. Elvis was all over the UK charts in 1961 and had another Number One with this song, which was partially sung in German.
: "Wooden Heart"
11. What group, which specialized in 1920s-era music, had a Number One hit with "You're Driving Me Crazy?"
: The Temperance Seven
12. Famous for its unusual keyboard sound, this Del Shannon hit was Number One for three weeks in July 1961.
: "Runaway"
13. "Johnny Remember Me" was a Number One hit for four weeks in September 1961 for who?
: John Leyton
14. This Welsh female singer, who would later record a James Bond theme, hit Number One with a double A-side of "Reach for the Stars/Climb Every Mountain" in September 1961.
: Shirley Bassey
15. "Kon-Tiki," an instrumental by the Shadows, hit Number One in October 1961. The Shadows were the backing group for who?
: Cliff Richard
16. "Walkin' Back To Happiness" was her first Number One hit, in October 1961.
: Helen Shapiro
17. A singer named Williams had a Number One hit with "Moon River" in December 1961, but it wasn't Andy Williams. What was the singer's first name?
: Danny

Bonus: This song, a Number One hit for the Everly Brothers in July 1961, has become a favorite of the University of Michigan Marching Band.: "Temptation"

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