Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #510 - 12/1/10

UK Number Ones, 1960-61

It's time to give our friends across the Atlantic a turn at Becky's Island! This series of quizzes spotlights the songs that went to Number One in the UK in the 60s. Some will be well-known to Americans, and some will be new.

1. When 1960 began, the Number One song was "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For" by who?
2. This Johnny Preston story song about Native Americans was Number One for two weeks in March 1960.
3. What profession was Lonnie Donegan's "old man?"
4. "Cathy's Clown" was Number One for seven weeks. Who sang it?
5. "Three Steps to Heaven" was a posthumous Number One hit for what American singer in June 1960?
6. Most Americans know "Shakin' All Over" as a Guess Who song, but this English group had a Number One hit with it in August 1960.
7. Likewise, most Americans know "Tell Laura I Love Her" in the Ray Peterson version, but who had the UK Number One in September 1960?
8. Elvis Presley's "It's Now or Never," a Number One in the US and the UK, was based on this Italian standard.
9. This Elvis standard, which included a spoken-word verse referencing Shakespeare, was a Number One hit in January 1961.
10. Elvis was all over the UK charts in 1961 and had another Number One with this song, which was partially sung in German.
11. What group, which specialized in 1920s-era music, had a Number One hit with "You're Driving Me Crazy?"
12. Famous for its unusual keyboard sound, this Del Shannon hit was Number One for three weeks in July 1961.
13. "Johnny Remember Me" was a Number One hit for four weeks in September 1961 for who?
14. This Welsh female singer, who would later record a James Bond theme, hit Number One with a double A-side of "Reach for the Stars/Climb Every Mountain" in September 1961.
15. "Kon-Tiki," an instrumental by the Shadows, hit Number One in October 1961. The Shadows were the backing group for who?
16. "Walkin' Back To Happiness" was her first Number One hit, in October 1961.
17. A singer named Williams had a Number One hit with "Moon River" in December 1961, but it wasn't Andy Williams. What was the singer's first name?

Bonus: This song, a Number One hit for the Everly Brothers in July 1961, has become a favorite of the University of Michigan Marching Band.

Good Luck!!!

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