Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #49 - 1/30/02

The Sunshine State

Florida tends to get a bad rap lately, but it's really a great place. Remember how many great musicians came from, sang about, or settled in, the Sunshine State with this quiz. Hey, I'd rather be there than in Chicago in January!

1. Which member of the Traveling Wilburys was born in Florida?
2. According to the Village People, where is "the key to happiness?"
3. What Jamaican music legend died in Cedars Medical Center in Miami on May 11, 1981?
4. They may have sung about "Sweet Home Alabama," but this group was from Jacksonville, Florida. Who are they?
5. What was the title of Company B's only Top 40 hit, from 1987?
6. His "Rock Your Baby" was one of the first big hits for Miami's TK Records, in 1974.
7. Whose albums include "A1A" and "Floridays?"
8. According to the Beach Boys, "Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called" what?
9. KC and the Sunshine Band were based in what Miami suburb?
10. Who had a Number 1 hit with his instrumental theme from "Miami Vice"?
11. What was the title of Gloria Estefan's Number 1 hit recorded after her 1990 bus accident?
12.What Miami rap group got into big trouble because of their album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be?"
13. His novelty hits included "My Girl Bill" and "Wildwood Weed," and he was born in Eloise, Florida. Who is he?
14. What album did Eric Clapton name after the address of the house where he was staying in Miami?
15. What was Betty Wright's biggest pop hit?
16. What Billy Joel song's first line is "I've seen the lights go out on Broadway"?
17. Andrew Gold's hit "Thank You for Being a Friend" was later used as the theme song for what Florida-based TV sitcom?

Bonus: What, supposedly, did Jim Morrison do at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami in March, 1969, that got him arrested?

Good Luck!!!

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