Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #489 - 7/7/10

The Name Game: James


1. The Godfather of Soul: James Brown
2. Many consider him to be rock's greatest guitarist; he played the "Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock
: Jimi Hendrix
3. A 1967 Top Ten hit for Martha and the Vandellas
: "Jimmy Mack"
4. He sang about Leroy Brown, Big Jimmy Walker, Slim, and the guy who worked at the car wash
: Jim Croce
5. He's seen fire, and he's seen rain
: James Taylor
6. Parrotheads love to go to his concerts, eat at his restaurants, drink at his bars, and read his novels
: Jimmy Buffett
7. Led Zeppelin's guitarist
: Jimmy Page
8. Their breakthrough hit was "The Middle," from 2002
: Jimmy Eat World
9. Chicago's trombonist; he also wrote most of the band's brass arrangements
: James "Jimmy" Pankow
10. 70s novelty singer who had such humorous hits as "Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne" and "My Girl Bill"
: Jim Stafford
11. 70s novelty group who had such humorous hits as "Troglodyte" and "The Bertha Butt Boogie"
: Jimmy Castor Bunch
12. He played Ray Charles in that singer's biopic, and recorded "Gold Digger" with Kanye West
: Jamie Foxx
13. Puppeteer beloved to all 70s kids, who hit the charts with "Rubber Duckie" and "The Rainbow Connection"
: Jim Henson
14. He was a "Super Freak"
: Rick James
15. His "You're Beautiful" was a Number One hit in 2005
: James Blunt
16. Film composer who scored Titanic, Avatar, Braveheart, and A Beautiful Mind, among others
: James Horner
17. Lead singer and lyricist of The Doors
: Jim Morrison

Bonus: TK Records singer who recorded KC's "Dance Across the Floor": Jimmy "Bo" Horne

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