Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #486 - 6/16/10

The Name Game: Michael


1. He had "Faith" that we would "Listen Without Prejudice" to his music: George Michael
2. One of the Beastie Boys
: Mike D
3. Van Halen's original bassist
: Michael Anthony
4. His country hits include "I Swear" and "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)"
: John Michael Montgomery
5. Soft-rock vocal group who recorded "Burning Bridges" in 1971
: Mike Curb Congregation
6. He wasn't "Bluer than Blue" when this song hit the charts in 1978
: Michael Johnson
7. His "Tubular Bells" was used as the theme music for The Exorcist
: Mike Oldfield
8. Writer and performer of the 1975 story-song "Wildfire"
: Michael Martin Murphey
9. Drummer, percussionist, author, and ethnomusicologist born Michael Steven Hartman in 1943
: Mickey Hart
10. Mush-mouthed Doobie Brothers vocalist whose voice you either love or hate - I love it
: Michael McDonald
11. Another much-maligned singer whose hits include "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" and "How Can We Be Lovers"...and an opera album?
: Michael Bolton
12. The King of Pop
: Michael Jackson
13. Genesis bassist who's also known as a Mechanic
: Mike Rutherford
14. They invited us to "Let's All Chant" in 1978
: Michael Zager Band
15. R.E.M's lead singer
: Michael Stipe
16. He can't get no, satisfaction
: Mick Jagger
17. Canadian standards singer whose Crazy Love album hit Number One on the U.S. album charts in 2009
: Michael Buble

Bonus: Her biggest hit was the hi-NRG "So Many Men, So Little Time" in 1983:: Miquel Brown

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