Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #486 - 6/16/10

The Name Game: Michael

1. He had "Faith" that we would "Listen Without Prejudice" to his music
2. One of the Beastie Boys
3. Van Halen's original bassist
4. His country hits include "I Swear" and "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)"
5. Soft-rock vocal group who recorded "Burning Bridges" in 1971
6. He wasn't "Bluer than Blue" when this song hit the charts in 1978
7. His "Tubular Bells" was used as the theme music for The Exorcist
8. Writer and performer of the 1975 story-song "Wildfire"
9. Drummer, percussionist, author, and ethnomusicologist born Michael Steven Hartman in 1943
10. Mush-mouthed Doobie Brothers vocalist whose voice you either love or hate - I love it
11. Another much-maligned singer whose hits include "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" and "How Can We Be Lovers"...and an opera album?
12. The King of Pop
13. Genesis bassist who's also known as a Mechanic
14. They invited us to "Let's All Chant" in 1978
15. R.E.M's lead singer
16. He can't get no, satisfaction
17. Canadian standards singer whose Crazy Love album hit Number One on the U.S. album charts in 2009

Bonus: Her biggest hit was the hi-NRG "So Many Men, So Little Time" in 1983

Good Luck!!!

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