Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #485 - 6/9/10

The Name Game: John


1. He's a composer, singer, pianist, Broadway score writer, and AIDS philanthropist, but we still remember him best for those crazy glasses: Elton John
2. Chuck Berry's character who could "play a guitar like he was ringing a bell":
 "Johnny B. Goode"
3. Singer, guitarist, and environmentalist killed in the crash of an experimental plane he himself was piloting in 1997
: John Denver
4. Daryl Hall's musical partner
: John Oates
5. He's "Waiting on the World to Change"
: John Mayer
6. His hits include covers of "Memphis" and "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu"
: Johnny Rivers
7. An American naval hero - or Led Zeppelin's bassist
: John Paul Jones
8. He "Just Got Paid" in 1988
: Johnny Kemp
9. In Central Park in New York City, there's a memorial to him - a mosaic with the word "IMAGINE"
: John Lennon
10. El DeBarge asked this musical question in 1986
: "Who's Johnny?"
11. Country and pop singer who played Sandy in "Grease"
: Olivia Newton-John
12. One of Farm Aid's founders
: John Mellencamp
13. Guitarist and co-writer of "Rock and Roll High School" and "Cretin Hop"
: Johnny Ramone
14. The Grateful Dead invite you to come hear them, by the riverside, got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide
: "Uncle John's Band"
15. Jake Blues
: John Belushi
16. His songs include "Ordinary People," "Save Room" and "Green Light"
: John Legend
17. The Who's bassist - a friend of "Boris the Spider"
: John Entwistle

Bonus: In Italian, he's the subject of a Mozart opera; in Spanish, he's the subject of a Richard Strauss tone poem: Don Giovanni/Don Juan

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