Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #480 - 5/5/10

The Name's The Same


1. He was "Super Bad" when he played for the Cleveland Browns from 1957-65 and later acted in The Dirty Dozen.: Jim (James) Brown
2. To Christians, she wasn't "Like a Virgin," she WAS a virgin.
: The Madonna
3. He was a longtime Senator from Illinois, not from Tennessee, home of "Graceland."
: Paul Simon
4. He wasn't "Bluer than Blue" when he won gold medals in track at the Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney Olympics.
: Michael Johnson
5. Sailors who are "Daydream Believer"s think that when they drown, they end up in his locker.
: Davy Jones
6. He has a singing part in 1776, not in Nixon in China.
: John Adams
7. She was murdered by Charles Starkweather on January 21, 1958, which wasn't "One Fine Day" for her.
: Carol King
8. If you go broke, you might end up on Skid Row; if you go for baroque, you probably like this composer's music.
: (Johann) Sebastian Bach
9. Indiana University basketball fans still have an "Everlasting Love" for their coach from 1971-2000.
: Robert Knight
10. When he noticed his five sons had musical talent, he took them "Steppin' Out" to clubs and talent contests in Gary, Indiana.
: Joe Jackson
11. There was a "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" when he did his stage act with Dean Martin and starred in The Nutty Professor.
: Jerry Lewis
12. He showed highlights of "Cowboys and Angels" on his "Too Funky" Sports Machine show.
: George Michael
13. If he had "Bubble Toes," he probably wouldn't have become the first black heavyweight champion boxer in 1908.
: Jack Johnson
14. He could tell whether a beer was "Bad" or a "Thriller" on his show The Beer Hunter.
: Michael Jackson
15. The main characters in his opera 'Hansel and Gretel' probably thought "Release Me" when they were captured by the witch.
: Engelbert Humperdinck
16. He was Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Scotland from 1882-1885; did anyone ever call him "My Sweet Lord?"
: Sir George Harrison
17. He probably attracts a lot of "California Girls" when he pitches for the San Francisco Giants.
: Brian Wilson

Bonus: He wrote the English lyrics to "O Canada," not a country where you would find many "Sugar Magnolia" trees.: Robert Stanley Weir

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