Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #480 - 5/5/10

The Name's The Same

This week, we're spotlighting people who have the same name as famous musicians.

1. He was "Super Bad" when he played for the Cleveland Browns from 1957-65 and later acted in The Dirty Dozen.
2. To Christians, she wasn't "Like a Virgin," she WAS a virgin.
3. He was a longtime Senator from Illinois, not from Tennessee, home of "Graceland."
4. He wasn't "Bluer than Blue" when he won gold medals in track at the Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney Olympics.
5. Sailors who are "Daydream Believer"s think that when they drown, they end up in his locker.
6. He has a singing part in 1776, not in Nixon in China.
7. She was murdered by Charles Starkweather on January 21, 1958, which wasn't "One Fine Day" for her.
8. If you go broke, you might end up on Skid Row; if you go for baroque, you probably like this composer's music.
9. Indiana University basketball fans still have an "Everlasting Love" for their coach from 1971-2000.
10. When he noticed his five sons had musical talent, he took them "Steppin' Out" to clubs and talent contests in Gary, Indiana.
11. There was a "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" when he did his stage act with Dean Martin and starred in The Nutty Professor.
12. He showed highlights of "Cowboys and Angels" on his "Too Funky" Sports Machine show.
13. If he had "Bubble Toes," he probably wouldn't have become the first black heavyweight champion boxer in 1908.
14. He could tell whether a beer was "Bad" or a "Thriller" on his show The Beer Hunter.
15. The main characters in his opera 'Hansel and Gretel' probably thought "Release Me" when they were captured by the witch.
16. He was Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Scotland from 1882-1885; did anyone ever call him "My Sweet Lord?"
17. He probably attracts a lot of "California Girls" when he pitches for the San Francisco Giants.

Bonus: He wrote the English lyrics to "O Canada," not a country where you would find many "Sugar Magnolia" trees.

Good Luck!!!

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