Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #48 - 1/23/02


We've had the birds, the cats, and the bugs - now it's time for the dogs!

1. What animal had Elvis' Hound Dog never caught?
2. Lobo sang about "Me and You and a Dog Named" who?
3. The Singing Dogs had a hit in 1955 with a barking version of what Stephen Foster song?
4. What song did Huckleberry Hound always sing?
5. This Beatles song, named for a very British breed of dog, starts out "Sheepdog, standing in the rain/Bullfrog, doing it again."
6. Speaking of the Beatles, which White Album song was named after Paul McCartney's sheepdog?
7. Their hits included "One," "Joy To The World" and "Black and White."
8. "Murder Was The Case" that they gave which West Coast rapper?
9. "Atomic Dog" was a hit for this P-Funk leader.
10.What was Dog's Eye View's only chart hit, from 1996?
11. This British singer, with unusual stage presence, sang a version of the Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" that later was used for the theme from the TV show 'The Wonder Years."
12. This Canadian band sang about "The Unicorn," but their name fits this quiz too. Who are they?
13. Donny Osmond had a hit with "Puppy Love." Who originally sang this song?
14. What famous dog battled the Red Baron in several Royal Guardsmen hits?
15. The Everly Brothers accused Johnny of being what kind of dog in 1958?
16. Led Zeppelin's song that begins "Hey hey mama" is actually called what?
17. Who let the dogs out?

Bonus: Complete these Grateful Dead lyrics: "I run into Charlie Fog, blacked my eye and he kicked my dog. My dog he turned to me and said:"

Good Luck!!!

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