Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #477 - 4/14/10

'80s Music Videos II

See if you can remember these '80s music videos from their descriptions.

1. Man walks down sidewalk, and everything he touches lights up
2. Singer is strapped to windmill revolving over a pool; giant water worm attacks him
3. Overweight men work out at gym with help from female instructor, but wait - all the men are gay!
4. Female teacher in boys' private boarding school has nighttime visions of students playing sports, and meets up with them at the end
5. Exotic dancer does her thing, then leaves the club and dances off with a young boy
6. Scruffily-dressed Irish men and women run around and dance on a street corner
7. Spitting Image puppets of Ronald Reagan and other world leaders and entertainment figures sing the song
8. Band plays in black and white while man washes window in background
9. Mechanic chases after female customer; police chase him, and ambulance driven by the female customer picks him up at the end
10. Man sings while identically-dressed models mime playing instruments
11. Band, including lead singer-guitarist wearing suit with cloud pattern, plays while people dance around the bandstand; singer has coughing fit
12. Crudely animated appliance repair workers complain about music videos
13. Rosie the Riveter imagines herself as a World War II fighter pilot
14. Nerds throw party crashed by rappers
15. Singer plays guitar and shakes butt near a jukebox
16. Band rehearses and plays concert in black and white; singer flies on a harness over the crowd
17. Band plays air instruments in industrial park while girl repeatedly walks past them

Bonus: Man prances around in girlfriend's apartment...and ruins his career in the process

Good Luck!!!

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