Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #474 - 3/10/10

Grateful Dead Album Covers


1. Rainbow, pots of gold, shoe with hole, stepping over a globe: Europe '72
2. Eyes of band members on black background
: In The Dark
3. Red rose on wood background
: American Beauty
4. Band building house of cards
: Built To Last
5. Foggy picture of band wearing white suits
: Go To Heaven
6. Rick Griffin drawing of skulls, plants, scarab beetles, etc. and it's all the same on both sides
: Aoxomoxoa
7. The famous skull and roses drawing
: Grateful Dead aka Skull and Roses aka Skullf*ck
8. Photo collage including band members, sunspot, space monster, and Jerry Garcia in an Uncle Sam hat
: The Grateful Dead
9. Green turtles dance and play banjo and tambourine at a railroad depot
; Terrapin Station
10. Woman dancing out of a coffin on a background of red and pink lettering
: Live Dead
11. Skeleton playing the violin in a red robe
: Blues For Allah
12. A building on another planet
: From The Mars Hotel
13. Psychedelic Hindu-like drawing of dragons and band members on a blue background
: Anthem of the Sun
14. Cartoon drawing of motorcyclists and car cruisers in an intersection
: Shakedown Street
15. Farmer harvesting grain with scythe
: Wake Of The Flood
16. Train, skull, Bob
: Dylan And The Dead
17. Band wearing cowboy hats and outfits, standing on a street corner
: Workingman's Dead

Bonus: Skeleton wearing Uncle Sam hat sits in the Marin Headlands and looks over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco: Dead Set

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