Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #474 - 3/10/10

Grateful Dead Album Covers

We often forget, in the CD era, how attractive, interesting, and BIG record album covers were. See if you can remember which Grateful Dead albums had the following covers....and don't worry, there aren't any Dick's Picks or any hand-drawn tape covers.

1. Rainbow, pots of gold, shoe with hole, stepping over a globe
2. Eyes of band members on black background
3. Red rose on wood background
4. Band building house of cards
5. Foggy picture of band wearing white suits
6. Rick Griffin drawing of skulls, plants, scarab beetles, etc. and it's all the same on both sides
7. The famous skull and roses drawing
8. Photo collage including band members, sunspot, space monster, and Jerry Garcia in an Uncle Sam hat
9. Green turtles dance and play banjo and tambourine at a railroad depot
10. Woman dancing out of a coffin on a background of red and pink lettering
11. Skeleton playing the violin in a red robe
12. A building on another planet
13. Psychedelic Hindu-like drawing of dragons and band members on a blue background
14. Cartoon drawing of motorcyclists and car cruisers in an intersection
15. Farmer harvesting grain with scythe
16. Train, skull, Bob
17. Band wearing cowboy hats and outfits, standing on a street corner

Bonus: Skeleton wearing Uncle Sam hat sits in the Marin Headlands and looks over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco

Good Luck!!!

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