Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #46 - 1/9/02

1977 - 25 Years Ago

1. What happened on August 16, 1977?
2. This Fleetwood Mac album sold over 17 million copies, won the Grammy for Album of the Year for 1977, and contained three Top Ten hits.
3. Stevie Wonder's hit about jazz pioneers mentioned "Basie, Miller, Satchmo, and the king of all," who?
4. Andy Gibb had his first Number 1 hit in the summer of 1977. What was it?
5. Andy's brothers, the Bee Gees, closed out the year with their first Number 1 hit from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. What was it?
6. What country-pop singer had his first major solo hit, "Lucille," in 1977?
7. What TV show did singer/actor Shaun Cassidy star in?
8. What Chicago-area band released "The Grand Illusion," their first platinum album, in 1977?
9. KC and the Sunshine Band had two big hits in 1977, "I'm Your Boogie Man" and "Keep It Comin' Love." Did they both hit Number 1 on the pop charts?
10. Who wrote Manfred Mann's Earth Band's hit "Blinded by the Light?"
11. What Southern rock band lost several key members in a plane crash in October 1977?
12. What song was introduced by each singer telling you their name and zodiac sign?
13. Who wrote the music for "Star Wars?"
14. This half-British, half-American band debuted in 1977 with "Feels Like The First Time."
15. Joey Fatone, born on Jaunary 28, 1977, is a member of what singing group?
16. What was the title of Peter Frampton's follow-up to "Frampton Comes Alive?"
17. OK, I have to mention it. What Christian-themed song was the Number 1 song of 1977?

Bonus: Where is Terrapin Station?

Good Luck!!!

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