Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #453 - 10/28/09

Which is Which?


1. Which was the tenor singer in The Temptations - David Ruffin, or Eddie Kendricks?: Eddie Kendricks
2. Which Beatle published a book of postcards sent to him by the other Beatles - Paul McCartney, or Ringo Starr?
: Ringo Starr
3. Which composer outlived the other - Mozart ,or Haydn?
: Haydn
4. Which is blond - Hall, or Oates?
: Hall
5. Which university's marching band played on Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" - UCLA, or USC?
6. Which member of Chicago was not with the band from the beginning - Bill Champlin, or Robert Lamm?
: Bill Champlin
7. Which played the clarinet - Charlie Parker, or Benny Goodman?
: Benny Goodman
8. Which Michael Jackson song did Weird Al Yankovic parody - "Beat It," or "Billie Jean?"
: "Beat It" (with "Eat It")
9. Which Grateful Dead drummer has recorded several albums of "world" music - Bill Kreutzmann, or Mickey Hart?
: Mickey Hart
10. Which Pink Floyd album is supposed to sync up with The Wizard of Oz - Wish You Were Here, or Dark Side of the Moon?
: Dark Side of the Moon
11. Which member of U2 is of Welsh descent - The Edge, or Bono?
: The Edge
12. Which nationality is featured in The Nutcracker: Japanese, or Chinese?
: Chinese
13. Which Beatle album was released only in the United States - Yesterday and Today, or Rubber Soul?
: Yesterday and Today
14. Which has five strings - the mandolin, or the banjo?
: Banjo
15. Which rocker's middle name was Douglas - Jimi Hendrix, or Jim Morrison?
: James Douglas Morrison
16. Which singer opened Woodstock - Richie Havens, or Joan Baez?
: Richie Havens
17. Which Righteous Brother is still living - Bill Medley, or Bobby Hatfield?
: Bill Medley

Bonus: Which Jackson sister has never had a Top 40 hit - Rebbie, LaToya, or Janet?: LaToya

Good Luck!!!

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