Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #452 - 10/21/09

What'd I Say II

It seems these days that to get played on the radio, a record has to be either all or part spoken word. It wasn't that way before the '90s. The following are spoken word quotes from songs recorded before the age of rap. The songs are mostly sung...but these little spoken parts sometimes provided a memorable hook for the song. Can you remember in which songs they occurred?

1. "Turn it up!"
2. "Woo-hoo! Take a look at this! Hey man, that suit is you!Whoo-whee! You'll get some leg tonight for sure!"
3. "Hello, everyone, this is your action news reporter with all the news that is news across the nation, on the scene at the supermarket. There seems to have been some disturbance here. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?"
4. "This has got to be the saddest day of my life. I called you here today for a bit of bad news"
5. "A preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive on John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve"
6. "Oh, you thought she was digging you, but she was digging me!"
7. "What number is this Chip?" "7A!" "Okay, don't mean it, don't get excited man. It's 'cause I'm short, I know."
8. "And whosoever shall be found, without the soul for getting down, must stand and face the hounds of hell, and rot inside a corpse's shell"
9. "This following program is dedicated to the city and people of San Francisco, who may not know it, but they are beautiful, and so is their city. This is a very personal song, so if the viewer cannot understand it, particularly those of you who are European residents, save up all your bread and fly Translove Airways to San Francisco, USA, then maybe you´ll understand the song, it will be worth it, if not for the sake of this song, but for the sake of your own peace of mind"
10. "To all of you out there, wherever you are, remember: the light at the end of the tunnel may be you"
11. "As another day comes to an end I'm lookin' for a letter or somethin'"
12. "Baby, I can't make it without you. And I'm, I'm tellin' ya, honey-you're my
reason for laughin', for cryin', for livin', and for dyin'."
13. "By the way, where'd you meet him?"
14. "A! B! A-B!-C-D!"
15. "I don't feel tardy!"
16. "Used to know a girl that lived down there and she'd go out in the evenings and pick a mess of it...Carry it home and cook it for supper, 'cause that's about all they had to eat, but they did all right..."
17. "The tears I cry arent tears of pain, they're only to hide my guilt and shame" 

Bonus: "On board were the Twelve: the poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist,The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends."

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