Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #423 - 4/1/09

The Spring of 1982

And now you find yourself in '82, when Great Britain went to war in the Falklands, ground was broken for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, the Weather Channel signed on, the Knoxville World's Fair opens, Cal Ripken begins his consecutive game streak, Danica Patrick and Kirsten Dunst are born, Hugh Beaumont and Ayn Rand die, and we listened to all of this.

1. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts had the Number One song for most of March, all of April, and one week in May 1982. What was the song?
2. What was Jenny's phone number?
3. What R&B singer was paralyzed in a car crash in Philadelphia on March 18, 1982?
4. The very next day, guitarist Randy Rhodes was killed in a plane crash on March 19, 1982. Who was he on tour with at the time of the crash?
5. And a month later, what singer/pianist injured his hand in a motorcycle crash on Long Island on April 15, 1982? (Hint: It wouldn't be his only vehicle crash.)
6. What Bertie Higgins hit of April 1982 was inspired by Humphrey Bogart movies?
7. Record executive Neil Bogart died on May 8, 1982 - with what record company was he associated?
8. "Do You Believe In Love" was the first big hit for what band in April 1982?
9. Who had "Pac-Man Fever" in March 1982?
10. What did Rick Springfield encourage us not to do in April 1982?
11. The Go-Go's had the Number One album for seven weeks, with what album?
12. What movie soundtrack was Number One on the album charts in April and May 1982?
13. This J. Geils Band Top Ten hit of the spring of 1982 included the sound of camera shutters.
14. This first winner of American Idol was born on April 24, 1982.
15. What Journey ballad spent seven weeks at Number Two, but never made it to Number One?
16. And what Go-Go's song spent three weeks at Number Two, but never made it to Number One?
17. Look, I like the song, even though nobody else does, ok? What two superstars had an enormous hit with "Ebony and Ivory" in the spring of 1982?

Bonus: This Paul Davis song was originally set ten years earlier, but they had him change the date to be more relevant to current music listeners. What was it?

Good Luck!!!

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