Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #415 - 2/4/09

The Beatles In 1969


1. Which Beatles soundtrack, which eventually went to number 2 in the U.S., was released in January 1969?: Yellow Submarine
2. What did the Beatles do for the last time on January 30, 1969?
: Played together in public
3. Where did they do it?
: On the roof of Apple Headquarters
4. And who played organ with them?
: Billy Preston
5. Who became the Beatles' manager in February 1969?
: Allen Klein
6. Who did Paul marry on March 12, 1969?
: Linda Eastman
7. Where did John and Yoko hold their "Bed-In for Peace" in late March 1969?
: The Amsterdam Hilton
8. What song, that mentions Arizona and California, hit number 1 in the U.S. and the U.K. in the spring of 1969?
: "Get Back"
9. What controversial story-song was their next single - it only hit number 8 in the U.S.?
: "The Ballad of John and Yoko"
10. What song did John, Yoko, and a group of others record in Montreal in June 1969?
: "Give Peace A Chance"
11. Which Beatle held a live concert in Toronto for peace on September 13, 1969?
: John
12. Who is barefoot on the Abbey Road cover?
: Paul
13. A double A-side single including "Come Together" was released in October 1969. What was the other side of that single?
: "Something"
14. Who "shaves in the dark trying to save paper?"
: Mean Mr. Mustard
15. Who is "so good looking that she looks like a man?"
: Polythene Pam
16. What strange Beatle rumor started in the fall of 1969?
: Paul is dead
17. In December 1969, the Beatles donated what song to the World Wildlife Fund?
: "Across The Universe"

Bonus: When John returned his MBE to Buckingham Palace, one of his complaints was that a song of his didn't perform very well on the charts. What song was that?: "Cold Turkey"

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