Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #414 - 1/28/09

1989 - 20 Years Ago


1. Their two Number One hits in 1989 were "She Drives Me Crazy" and "Good Thing.": Fine Young Cannibals
2. How many miles is it to the "Love Shack?"
: 15
3. Model Riley Keough was born May 29, 1989, but why is she included in a music quiz?
: She is Elvis Presley's first grandchild
4. What soul legend was sentenced to six years in jail in 1989 after leading police on a two-state chase?
: James Brown
5. He released his first album, Let Love Rule, in September 1989.
: Lenny Kravitz
6. Conductor Herbert von Karajan died on July 16, 1989. With what orchestra is he most associated with?
: The Berlin Philharmonic
7. Roxette's "The Look" was a Number One hit in 1989. What country did the band come from?
" Sweden
8. Janet Jackson released her fourth studio album in 1989 - what was it?
: Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814
9. What two commercial dogs are mentioned in the lyrics to Tone-Loc's "Funky Cold Medina?"
: Spuds MacKenzie and Alex from Stroh's
10. This singer postumously released his Mystery Girl album in 1989.
: Roy Orbison
11. What video by Cher featured her dancing on a Navy ship wearing, not much?
: "If I Could Turn Back Time"
12. "When I See You Smile" was Number One for two weeks in 1989 for what group?
: Bad English
13. What American song composer, born Israel Baline, died on September 22, 1989?
: Irving Berlin
14. Born on May 5, 1989, his hits include "Run It!" and "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)."
: Chris Brown
15. New Kids On The Block are associated with what city?
: Boston
16. According to Poison, what does every cowboy sing?
: His sad, sad song
17. What Billy Joel song from 1989 is just a list of historical personalities and events of the past 50 or so years?
: "We Didn't Start The Fire"

Bonus: What were Paula Abdul's three Number One hits from 1989?: "Straight Up," "Forever Your Girl" and "Cold Hearted"

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