Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #414 - 1/28/09

1989 - 20 Years Ago

1. Their two Number One hits in 1989 were "She Drives Me Crazy" and "Good Thing."
2. How many miles is it to the "Love Shack?"
3. Model Riley Keough was born May 29, 1989, but why is she included in a music quiz?
4. What soul legend was sentenced to six years in jail in 1989 after leading police on a two-state chase?
5. He released his first album, Let Love Rule, in September 1989.
6. Conductor Herbert von Karajan died on July 16, 1989. With what orchestra is he most associated with?
7. Roxette's "The Look" was a Number One hit in 1989. What country did the band come from?
8. Janet Jackson released her fourth studio album in 1989 - what was it?
9. What two commercial dogs are mentioned in the lyrics to Tone-Loc's "Funky Cold Medina?"
10. This singer postumously released his Mystery Girl album in 1989.
11. What video by Cher featured her dancing on a Navy ship wearing, not much?
12. "When I See You Smile" was Number One for two weeks in 1989 for what group?
13. What American song composer, born Israel Baline, died on September 22, 1989?
14. Born on May 5, 1989, his hits include "Run It!" and "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)."
15. New Kids On The Block are associated with what city?
16. According to Poison, what does every cowboy sing?
17. What Billy Joel song from 1989 is just a list of historical personalities and events of the past 50 or so years?

Bonus: What were Paula Abdul's three Number One hits from 1989?

Good Luck!!!

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