Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #413 - 1/21/09

1984 - 25 Years Ago


1. Rockwell's hit "Somebody's Watching Me" included who on backup vocals?: Michael Jackson
2. Her hits of the year included "Lucky Star" and "Borderline."
: Madonna
3. What soul legend made an amazing comeback with the Private Dancer album in 1984?
: Tina Turner
4. How many Number One hits did Bruce Springsteen have from his Born in the USA album?
5. She won the third season of American Idol, and she was born on June 30, 1984.
: Fantasia Barrino
6. They released their second album, Reckoning, in April 1984.
7. This band played its first gig, under the name Mr. Crowe's Garden, in Atlanta in 1984. What name did they eventually record under?
: The Black Crowes
8. What Billy Ocean hit was actually recorded in three different versions spotlighting different parts of the world?
: "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)" (the other versions were "European Queen" and "African Queen")
9. This humorous Van Halen video featured young look-alikes for the band, and the band itself performing dance steps.
: "Hot For Teacher"
10. What singer surprised everyone by getting married on February 14, 1984? It didn't last.
: Elton John
11. They sang about "Dance Hall Days" during the summer of 1984.
: Wang Chung
12. What band starred in the concert film "Stop Making Sense?"
: Talking Heads
13. Which Lionel Richie video of 1984 told the story of a drama teacher in love with a blind student?
: "Hello"
14. What is "a lonely child who's waiting by the park?"
: "The Reflex"
15. What happened to Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen on December 31, 1984?
: He was in a car accident and lost his arm
16. This unlikely duo had a hit dedicated "To All The Girls I've Loved Before."
: Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias
17. What was the name of the charity single released by U.K. artists in 1984 to help provide hunger relief for Africans?
: "Do They Know It's Christmas"

Bonus: Complete this statement by Ray Parker, Jr.: "It's hard to write a song where your main objective is to use the word X.": Ghostbusters

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