Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #301 - 11/29/06

You Gotta Get Up...

There's no place to go but up, and every answer this week has the word "up" or a word that contains "up" in it.

1. The Supremes' first hit without Diana Ross
2. Billy Joel's 1983 tribute to Christie Brinkley
3. A hit for the Everly Brothers in 1957, and Simon and Garfunkel in 1982
4. "Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon..."
5. The theme from the movie "An Officer And A Gentleman"
6. Paula Abdul's first hit, that went to Number One in 1989
7. Creedence Clearwater Revival song that mentions the banjo and the big red tree
8. A hit for the Drifters in 1963 and (slowed down) for James Taylor in 1979
9. This was a fluke solo hit for KC in 1984 in the US, but was KC and the Sunshine Band's only Number One hit in the UK in 1983
10.Shalamar's hit which was actually a medley of Motown songs
11. Rolling Stones song that opens up the "Tattoo You" album
12. Neil Sedaka had a hit with this song twice, in two different versions
13.Yaz album that includes "Don't Go"
14. In which Bob Marley urges us to "Don't give up the fight!"
15. Diana Ross' 1980 Number One hit, produced by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards
16. Stevie Wonder's 1966 song that begins with a high trumpet fanfare
17. The Band song that mentions Lake Charles, Louisiana

Bonus: REM's first album without drummer Bill Berry

Super Bonus: Grateful Dead song in which the first two words of the title are reversed in the lyrics

Good Luck!!!

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