Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #259 - 2/8/06

The Beatles in 1966

1. Which Beatle got married in January 1966?
2. This Beatle album, released at the end of 1965, topped the United States charts in January 1966.
3. Who "doesn't have a point of view, knows not where he's going to?"
4. What two songs did the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show on June 6, 1966?
5. What British author is mentioned in the lyrics to "Paperback Writer?"
6. And what British newspaper is mentioned in the same song?
7. What was unusual about the production of "Rain?"
8. What U.S. only album originally featured the Beatles posing among dismembered dolls and raw meat on the cover?
9. What did John Lennon say in a 1966 interview that upset a lot of people in the United States?
10. In September 1966, George Harrison flew to India to study the sitar with who?
11. Also that month, the new Beatles album topped the US charts - what was it?
12. Who "picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been?"
13. What two British politicians were mentioned in the lyrics to "Taxman?"
14. What Beatles song originally released in 1966 became a US chart hit in 1976?
15. Where do "we all live?"
16. Who did John Lennon meet in a private art gallery in November 1966?
17. The last Beatles concert in the United States took place on August 29, 1966, in what city?

Bonus: What, supposedly, happened on a Wednesday morning at five o'clock in November 1966?

Good Luck!!!

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