Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #211 - 3/9/05

Fictional Musicians

The following fictional characters from songs, books, movies, and TV shows all are musicians - can you remember what instruments they play? This quiz is dedicated to the memory of Boston the Golden Retriever, who was the model for the fictional Quincy in "The Amanxing Race II." 

1. Captain Nemo
2. Sam
3. Elwood Blues
4. Kwai Chang Caine
5. Mr. Scott
6. Holly Golightly
7. Snorky
8. Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester III
9. Squidward
10. Kermit the Frog
11. Ziggy Stardust
12. Lisa Simpson
13. Grumpy
14. Richie Cunningham
15. Edith Bunker
16. Geppetto
17. Dirk McQuickly

Bonus: Spider Murphy and Little Joey

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #211 Answers

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