Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #206 - 2/2/05

The Beatles in 1965

1. What U.S. only album spent 9 weeks at Number One beginning in January 1965?
2. This was the Beatles' seventh (not eighth) Number One song in the US, and it hit the top of the charts in March 1965.
3. Which Grammy Award did the Beatles win in April 1965?
4. And for which song did they win 'Best Performance by a Vocal Group' at the same ceremony?
5. This song, Number One for the Beatles in May 1965, was later covered by The Carpenters.
6. John Lennon released his second book in July 1965. What was its title?
7. What Beatle movie premiered in the U.S in August 1965?
8. Who shrinks in that movie?
9. And what animal is featured at the end of that movie?
10. For how many weeks did its soundtrack top the U.S. charts
11. At what baseball park did the Beatles play a historic show on August 15, 1965?
12. Who did the Beatles meet in his California home on August 27, 1965?
13. Of "Ticket To Ride," "Day Tripper," "Act Naturally," and "I'm Down," which did the Beatles not perform on the Ed Sullivan show on September 12, 1965?
14. What two songs were featured on the first Beatles cartoon show, premiering September 25, 1965 (the day before I was born)?
15. This Paul McCartney song, Number One in October 1965, is one of the most recorded songs in all popular music.
16. What award did the Beatles receive from Queen Elizabeth in October 1965?
17. Which Beatles album, which would top the US charts in 1996, was released at the end of 1965?

Bonus: NUJV. What is significant about those four letters in that order?

Good Luck!!!

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